Mermaid Pouch – Off White


Behold the Off White Handmade Crochet Pouch – a must-have accessory for all spectacles owners! This exquisite pouch boasts a charming off-white hue and is expertly crafted with a delicate crochet design. Make a fashion statement with the Off White Handmade Crochet Pouch – the perfect blend of fashion and function!

IKSHANA presents the ‘Mermaid pouch ‘; a fashionable yet convenient way to carry your glasses. Mermaid pouches are portable and easy to handle carry pouches for spectacles. The MERMAID POUCH is a beautiful, elegant, and secure method to store eyeglasses that fit effortlessly in handbags, drawers, or tiny purses. Fashionable, convenient and affordable, mermaid pouches are your gateway to carrying your spectacles in a protective case yet will give it a fashionable and trendy look given their enticing design and fluorescent colors.

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Key Features of Mermaid Pouch:

  • Made with double-layered satin material it provides a cushiony resort to protect your glasses.
  • Comes in the elegant shape of a mermaid tail and is easy to grip and carry.
  • Material that is gentle on the skin, beautiful form, and is designed to complement your appearance.
  • Ample storage space to fit any size of spectacle and carry them with you anywhere in your purse or handbag.
  • A unique crochet design at a cost-effective price that is light on your pocket.
  • Mermaid Pouch may be used for a long time because it is washable and can be worn several times with different outfits which can be kept in any location.


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