About Us

about ikshana

About Ikshana

Ikshana is an Indian brand introducing a variety of eyewear accessories to stylize our regular vision glasses or sunglasses. Ikshana eyewear accessories include Charms, Arm Covers, and Crochet Covers which are available in multiple designs, carefully crafted for people of every age group.

Our products encourage sustainability and promote the long-term use of existing frames. Affordable fashion with unique styling is what we are all about. We also encourage rural employment as our Crochet Covers are handcrafted by our supremely skilled rural artists.

Our History

Our personal pain point of “Why can’t eyewear be fun?” and “Why can’t eyewear be a medium to express mood and feelings?” has brought Ikshana together, where we deeply believe that fashion is a way of self-expression.

Our entrepreneurial journey has been blessed with incubation at IIMB NSRCEL and IIMN INFED. Of the ten thousand applicants we were in the top 210 ventures who were incubated for 6 months and had the opportunity of great learning.

"Our vision is to be the best and most creative one-stop-shop for eyewear accessories."

Our Products



Charms are stylish eyewear accessories that you can wear on the EXISTING arms of your everyday glasses or sunglasses .They are interchangeable and designed peculiarly for kids and tweens to express their mood and emotions and have fun with their glasses. 

Arm Covers

arm covers

Arm Covers are an elegant and stylish way to transform the appearance of your glasses in an instant. They are interchangeable & cost-effective covers for frames with exclusive prints and patterns to suit every occasion, a daily office life or a lively party. 

Crochet Covers


Crochet covers are elegant, fashionable collection of covers, handcrafted by rural artisans with expertise and precision. Soft and comfortable knitted crochet covers sprinkle the warmth and fashion of knitted lace art. They are smart, simple and can go with any outfit you like.