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Ikshana eyewear accessories was founded with a vision to make eyeglasses or sunglasses fun and creative. Each day we wear glasses for different occasions, but most of the times these spectacle frames don’t match our attire and look for the event. We bring you multiple eyewear accessories to equip your frames and get ready for a casual or an eventful day.

The eyewear accessories include Charms, Arm Covers and Crochet Covers in many unique and trendy designs. Ikshana works diligently to make your eyeglasses or sunshades more attractive and comfortable in a cost effective manner. All Ikshana products are made with care to provide you with fashionable yet comfortable accessories  to experiment on your frames and get a new look everytime. Don’t miss out on our interchangeable eyewear accessories at affordable prices. We’ll be glad to hear from you.